Welcome to GFIA

GFIA is one of the largest black-owned firm of forensic investigators and accountants in South Africa, operating from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and East London. Our team has specialist experience in the forensic accounting, forensic investigation, value for money auditing, business risk, and related fraud risk management disciplines. The capacity of our team makes us one of the largest and most experienced providers of  forensic and investigative accounting services in South Africa.

We are at the helm of the forensic accounting services sector, with a track record of excellence and a progressive vision. Our services are comprehensive and our business strategies holistic. We are committed to the establishment and nurturing of progressive partnerships between the business sector and the communities we serve.

We are passionately dedicated to the principles of integrity, creativity and community empowerment. We have an unequivocal stake in the stability, security and success of a democratic South Africa.

GFIA is a well established accounting business with a track record of 20 years of service to the South African market. On 2 February 2017, we celebrated our 20th anniversary, and it marked a milestone of which all of us at GFIA are proud. We have a talented, professional team and will continue to build on the first 20 years thereby ensuring the company’s unparalleled success in future years.

We practice sound corporate governance based on the three pillars of strength: INTEGRITY, HONESTY and PROFESSIONALISM.